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Walnut and black pepper oatcakes (makes about 20, preparation time 20 minutes, cooking time 15 minut



  • 50g walnuts coarsely chopped

  • 125g fine oatmeal

  • 125g plain flour

  • 1 tsp coarsely ground black pepper

  • 1/2 tsp bicarbonate of soda

  • 1/2 tsp fine sea salt

  • 75g butter

  • water

Optional Extras:

You can also add 1 tbsp of honey to the mix after the butter has been added. This does take away from the other flavours, but if you like honey as a dominant flavour then go ahead.

Here’s what you do:

Step 1 - Preheat the oven to 190C. Place the dry ingredients in a bowl and mix.

Step 2 - Heat the butter in a saucepan until bubbling. Tip the butter into the dry ingredients and add 3 tablespoons of water. Combine everything to make a soft dough that isn’t too sticky.

Step 3 - On a floured work surface roll the dough out to about 2mm thick. Cut our rounds and place them on a baking sheet lines with parchment paper.

Step 4 - Bake the oatcakes for about 10-12 minutes until golden brown. Cool on a wire rack.

Kitchen implements required:

  • Mixing bowl

  • Wooden spoon

  • Teaspoon

  • Tablespoon

  • 2 baking trays covered in parchment paper

  • Cooling wire

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