Other Crafts



Stepping away from knitting and crochet for a moment I also like to do ‘other’ crafts.  I have been able to do cross-stitch and tapestry for many, many years but am relatively new to needle felting and machine sewing. 


I grew up in a large village in Aberdeenshire, Scotland.  That village had a fantastic hobby shop, which we regularly raided for fresh supplies and new crafts to try out. 


When I was 12 we moved to Stranraer in SW Scotland and my Mum opened up her own hobby shop.  Being reasonably competent at cross stitch and tapestry already, it was my job to make the display pieces for the shop. 


I don’t know when I stopped crafting, but I do know when and why I took it back up again.  My lovely sister-in-law, Sarah, bought me Kirstie  Allsopp’s ‘Craft’ book for Christmas in 2011.  I was inspired by the breadth of projects within the book and could see how I could develop them to suite my taste and our house.  By the day after Boxing Day I was in Hobby Craft reacquainting myself with the rainbow display of beautiful DMC threads. 


My initial ‘reintroduction to craft’ project was a sardine can cross-stitch which now hangs in our kitchen as a nice reminder that I can craft, I am good at crafting and should always make time to craft.  


From there I have been taught to needle felt by my mother-in-law, Jenny, and bought myself a sewing machine.  Our daughter is delighted by the addition of the sewing machine because she does Cosplay and often has new costumes that she ‘has’ to try out!  It is amazing what you can create with a little bit of inspiration and some crafting bits and bobs.  


So, I will post any projects that I am working on as work in progress and the finalised projects.  I hope to also show mistakes that I make along the way or techniques that I pick up. 


Take a peek and let me know what you think:  info@madashper.com

Welcome to
Night Vale
Doctor Who Cushion Cover

This make up bag was one of my first needlefelt projects, something I did for our daughter who is obsessed with the 'Welcome to Night Vale' podcast. The crocheted mittens were made to match!

Did I mention that my husband is a bit of a geek? This is a work in progress, cross stitching a cushion cover with the TARDIS on it. 

'Bugs' cross-stitch

I mounted this cross-stitch on an oak board and then added a 3D cross-stitched 'bug' with wire legs so that it looked like it was escaping from the 2D cross-stitch.

Tin of Sardines

This is the 'sardine can' cross-stitch that was the first project I did after getting back on the crafting-horse.