'Leftie' shawl - Ma Dashper style

Whilst sitting in a knitting class...


... I had shawl envy.  I lady called Liz sat diagonally across from me had a very lovely shawl on.  It draped perfectly around her neck and had a lovely leaf pattern at the edge.  I asked her where she got the pattern from and she told me of a lady called Martina Behm that sells shawl patterns on Ravelry (www.ravelry.com)    


I fell in love.  Her patterns are very wearable.  But when I looked at the pattern in the middle of January 2015 having only started knitting in November 2014 I convinced myself that it was too difficult to follow and that I was better off sticking to simpler patterns for a while.  Three weeks later I looked at the pattern again with a less defeatist attitude, and today, the 1st March 2015, I have concurred 'Leftie'!


Leftie - can be bought from here: http://www.ravelry.com/patterns/sources/strickmich-website 


Now, this is a pattern that really lends itself to being changed-up by the knitter to suit their own preferences. Martina explains in the pattern that it is great for using up left-over bits of yarn for the leaf stripe and guides you through roughly what weight of yarn you need for the overall project.


So, what makes this Ma Dashper style version of 'Leftie'?  Well, I like simple things and don't do lots of fuss.  I love the leaf pattern on Martina's version but didn't want so many of them on my shawl.  I also prefer fewer colours and so stuck to two yarns  - though as you can see from the photo, both yarns have many hues within them.


I used Rowan Colourspun (http://www.knitrowan.com/yarns/colourspun) in two colours:


Yarn A: 272 - Giggleswick - 205g in total ( I did have to get an emergency extra two balls sent to me because the 130g that the pattern suggests wasn't enough for the heavier weight yarn that I was using).

Yarn B: 279 - Sunner - 30g in total (pattern suggests 35g).


Using Martina's pattern I have simply disregarded every second Yarn B/stripe and leaf.  This does mean that unblocked my shawl has less of a tendency to curve around my neck but I am pretty sure that I can change this through blocking.  


I have really enjoyed knitting this shawl for many reasons: it stretched my skill base; it was really easy to do with large blocks of garter stitch, which although very basic is actually one of my favourite stitches (I really don't do fuss) and the yarn that I used was great to knit with and the weight is perfect to take me from Autumn (over a jumper) to Winter (over my wool coat) to Spring (over a jumper again).     


I was simultaneously knitting another of Martina's shawls called 'Birckless' which I am attempting using Rowan's Kid Silk Haze and Fine Art as a combo. More on that particular venture later...