Novice Knitters

Novice Knitter


Up until November 2014 my knitting experience consisted of a square of knit stitch that I had to undertake to get some Brownie badge or other.  It is fair to say that I wasn’t a natural Brownie and would have happily swapped a poo brown uniform for climbing trees and setting new land-speed records on my bike. 


Having undertake a fantastic crochet course at my local High School, my wonderful tutor, Lynne Rowe was running a six week knitting course for beginners.  I decided to give it a go and see if I could take to knitting in the same way that I had crochet, and yes, yes I did!


I was amazed at how much muscle memory one poorly knitted Brownie badge square had created and it was keen to burst through once more, even after thirty years.


I am novice knitter and am learning new things every day.  My hope with this part of the website and the blog is to detail my journey through novice knitting and onwards.  With any luck I can show the (many) mistakes that I make and how I am already adapting patterns to make them my own.


On the review page I will be building up reviews of events, needles, hooks, yarn, workshops and yarn shops.  Take a peek and let me know what you think:


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