We are a friendly group of crochet/knitting/yarn enthusiasts that gather in Sandbach, Cheshire.


We meet every second and fourth Thursday of every month in a really lovely space (Sandbach Town Hall). We have access to a kitchen area and so can have that all important cuppa whilst we craft. 


So that folk can work around busy lives the Woolgathering has an open timeframe from 6-9pm and you can turn up at any time within those hours.


If you would like to know more about the group please contact me at fayknitandcrochet@yahoo.co.uk


Here are the dates for Woolgathering Sandbach for the next few months:


  • 14th April 2016

  • 28th April 2016

  • 12th May 2016 

  • 26th May 2016 

  • 9th June 2016

  • 23rd June 2016 

  • 14th July 2016

  • 28th July 2016

  • 11th August 2016

  • 25th August 2016

  • 8th September 2016

  • 22nd September 2016

  • 13th October 2016

  • 27th October 2016

  • 11th November 2016

  • 24th November 2016

  • 18th December 2016

  • 22nd December 2016



The location may change occasionally but an email will be sent out to the group in advance and posted above.